Bespoke Blends / Custom Craft Coffee

Alongside our commercially-available range of premium coffees, we can develop special blends for your business or event.  Read about our latest developments, here.

About our latest bespoke blends...

The Claiborne House Blend

In partnership with The Claiborne House in Rocky Mount, Virginia, we have come up with a wonderful blend specifically for their guests! This blend is perfect for Amy’s delectable morning breakfast guests enjoy while staying at the historic B&B.

Cocoa Mia’s Mocha Java

Our friends at Cocoa Mia in Floyd, Virginia have a wonderful hot chocolate drink called Mocha Java! Rocsato Coffee Roasters is proud to be a part of this awesome drink by providing our Costa Rica Hot Springs Microlot for their signature drink! They blend the perfect amount of their “made in house” hot chocolate and our Costa Rica to create drink to die for!  Stop by and try it out!

Twin Creeks Distillery’s Shooting Creek Lace

When Chris and Shawn Prillaman asked me to come up with a special blend for their Franklin County distillery, Twin Creeks Distillery, I knew that I needed to embrace the Moonshine history of the area known as “The Moonshine Capital of the World”. There is a drink that some of the locals like that involves coffee, Coffee Lace. Chris’s Grandma, Irene, has become one our biggest fans of Rocsato Coffee Roasters and her favorite moonshine drink is the Coffee Lace.  So, in honor of her and many of the locals, I came up with a special blend, with two South American beans roasted medium dark, and called it Shooting Creek Lace.  Shooting Creek is the name of a local road just 2 miles from St. John’s in the Mountains and is known to locals the Moonshine road.  I travel this road at least twice a week to make deliveries.  All of my bespoke blends are only available at the business in whom I have developed the blend. So if you want to try Shooting Creek Lace, be sure to stop by the Twin Creeks Distillery tasting room in Rocky Mount, Virginia!

Panther Blend – for Ferrum College

Panther Blend is a bespoke blend I came up with exclusively for Ferrum College in Ferrum, Virginia.  This is a unique blend of two high quality Arabica beans from Kenya.  One is roasted just tiny bit darker than the other which gives it that big body with an explosion of flavor! You can only get this coffee at The Panther Grounds at Ferrum College and if you are perhaps a friend of the College, you may get a bag as a gift!  The President of Ferrum College likes to give them as gifts, so if you ever run into him out somewhere, make friends…maybe he’ll give you a bag sometime!

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