New Roaster!!!

Rocsato Coffee Roasters has a brand new roaster! A custom built 3 kilo Electric roaster, specifically designed and built for Rocsato Coffee Roasters by US Roaster Corp. American Handcrafted and Built in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This new roaster has a high tech automated computer system that will allow our Master Roaster to be more consistent and even more precise with his roasts! The roaster was installed and fine tuned by one of the technicians from US Roaster Corp that actually designed and wrote the program for the automation. We’re very excited about this upgrade and the possibilities that are now available to us with this new machine!

Gregory Rock

Owner and Master Roaster of Rocsato Coffee Roasters, LLC

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  1. Please call me up if you need anything!
    thank you

    1. Thanks Dan! You all have been great! She is running like a top!!!

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