Our Story

Rocsato Coffee Roasters LLC is a Veteran Owned and Operated micro-roasting company located in the mountains of Historic Southwest Virginia, at St. John’s in the Mountains in Ferrum, Virginia.


We are a small batch Artisan Roaster with a focus on high quality custom roasted coffee delivered to our customers with a personal touch.

The name Rocsato comes from the combination of two great family names brought together by the love of music, coffee, people and the love of each other. We pass that love (especially of coffee) on to you, our customers, by providing the best possible tasting coffee in all of Virginia!

A bit of my roasting philosophy.

The essence of the bean.  Something that I learned while working in production at one of Virginia’s premier and largest Vineyards/Wineries.  We approached our wine making the same way.  Why would you make a wine or coffee in this instance, and not focus on what makes it a wine or coffee?  One cannot have coffee without the coffee bean…the seed of the coffee berry. I embrace this philosophy in my everyday roasting of any level quality bean, from my most common variety to the most specialized bean. All my coffees are about the natural characteristics of the bean.  I try to establish roasting profiles based on those characteristics to bring out the essence of the natural flavor of each individual bean.  Therefore, you will not find any of my roasts so dark that there is no color other than black left in the bean.  My darkest roasts, even my espresso roasts, have a brown to dark brown color.  With that color, comes more of the natural flavor and thus the essence of the bean.

My wife Aimé, is Italian and therefore, as we all have come to realize with Italians, has a unique and refined palette for the finer things in the food world.  Her taste in coffee is no different. She has a distinctive preference for a creamy characteristic in coffee and is a large part of the final flavor profiles of my coffees. All of my coffees will have that creamy smooth characteristic that we both prefer.  When choosing a bean to offer on our menu, the bean goes through an extensive vetting process from cuppings to “in home” tastings.  We try the coffee being vetted in our everyday consumption to ensure that we are recreating the way our customers will be drinking our coffee. This process has worked well thus far because we seem to have built a returning customer base with our coffees.  We will continue to provide the best Artisan Roasted Gourmet Coffee in Virginia for the best customers on the planet!

Meet Greg, our Master Roaster

Greg started roasting while on Active Duty in the Army on a small air popcorn popper-like roaster for fun.

After several years of roasting for family and friends and after some encouragement from another successful business owner who tried and loved his coffee, he decided to start his own small business!

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