Where to find our Coffee

We are honored to have our coffee sold and served at these wonderful locations…

Rocsato Coffee is on the menu at Dogtown Roadhouse to revive your mind and get you going!

Located at: 302 South Locust Street, Flyod, Virginia 24091

For sale in the tasting room at Twin Creeks Distillery.

In our partnership with Twin Creeks, we have developed a special blend called Shooting Creek Lace exclusively for Twin Creeks as part of their coffee lace!

Located at: 8551 Hentry Road, Henry, VA 24102

Rocsato Coffee is being served at The Floyd Country Store in Floyd, Virginia.

Located at: 206 South Locust Street, Floyd, Virginia 24091

We are proud and honored to once again be providing coffee for not only sipping at Cocoa Mia’s but also be a part of their wonderful chocolate creations.

You can find our Costa Rica Tarrazü Microlot, and 33rd Street Bakery at Cocoa Mia’s in Floyd, Virginia.

Enjoy our 33rd Street Bakery coffee at the Claiborne House, Rocky Mount. 

Are you interested in serving and selling Rocsato Coffee at your business?

We offer a variety of options for blends – they can even be custom made with your business in the name!

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